Solutions to Pain Gentle Yoga and FreshFitandFearless ebook

Stop Pain with anti-inflammatory foods and gentle yoga

Stop Pain with anti-inflammatory foods and gentle yoga

Incorporating gentle yoga and eating anti-inflammatory foods improves mobility, flexibility and natural comfort without medication. Pain consumes your body and mind making it nearly impossible to relax. Gentle yoga includes meditation. I use it as an opportunity to imagine releasing the pain and receiving the healing.

FreshFitandFearless is an awesome account on Instagram and just published, “Wake Up & Be Healthy” an eCookbook. Her book is a perfect start towards eating anti-inflammatory foods like fruits, nuts and green leafy vegetables.

Stop suffering, find some peace and a new path towards healing.



24 Hour Mary Kay Grand Opening Sale June 20 2015 Indep Consultant

24 Hour Grand Opening Sale by Independent Beauty Consultant Brenda Kyle
24 Hour Grand Opening Sale by Independent Beauty Consultant Brenda Kyle

Shop Online for sale today. Complete your shopping and checkout. I will be able to apply all discounts manually to your orders, prior to payment processing. 

I highly recommend Time Wise Repair set. I have seen results in just 10 days. My puffy eyes are gone! They were bad enough, I was considering surgery. None needed now. I am watching the wrinkles reduce. It is an amazing product line. I also added the Volu Fill to my set to further reduce lines around my eyes and mouth. I have a deep line on my forehead and apply Volu Fill twice daily. I started using the set on June 9, 2015 as a customer, not a consultant.

Mary Kay Look
Mary Kay Look


Honey Lotion Bars Recipe

Honey Lotion Bars Recipe by Brenda Kyle (Green)
Honey Lotion Bars Recipe by Brenda Kyle (Green)

Honey Lotion Bars Recipe

Makes 4 ounces of liquid. Recipe is based on 1 part beeswax and 1 part – other ingredients. Other ingredients are: raw cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, honey and vitamin E.

Ingredients for the bars:

  • 2 ounces bees wax (1 pound bar – grated or chips)
  • 2 Tablespoon Cocoa Butter Raw
  • 1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil
  • 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil (any, I used extra light)
  • 1 teaspoon Honey
  • 10 drops essential oil (lavender, or sweet orange)
  • 6 capsules Vitamin E (puncture and squeeze oil out)
  • ¼ to ½ teaspoon dried flowers, herbs or roses

Equipment needed:

  • 2 quart sauce pan
  • Wide mouth glass jar or large mason jar
  • Cheese grater
  • Silicon molds
  • Glass measuring cup
  • Bamboo sticks for stirring
  • Scale with grams and ounces
  • Wax paper to place on scale
  • Small cookie sheet
  • Measuring spoons
  • Oven mittens or hot gloves


  1. Prepare the beeswax. Block form, lay cheese grater down on its side, on top of a plastic plate. Push beeswax bar across the large grate in a slow zig-zag motion.
  2. Place the wax paper on the scale, add shredded beeswax or measure the “purchased” beeswax chips. ½ ounce at a time. Pour each half ounce into the glass container till 2 ounces total.
  3. Prepare the secondary ingredients. In glass measuring cup, add raw cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, honey and vitamin E. Should equal 2 ounces or ¼ cup. Add a little more coconut oil and cocoa butter if it is a little short. Ok to be slightly over the measurement.
  4. Pour secondary ingredients into the glass container with the beeswax.
  5. Set pan with 1-2 inches water on medium-high heat and glass inside the pan, sitting in water to act as a double boiler. Let boil.
  6. Mix the ingredients using the bamboo stick until melted. Mine took about 7 minutes. Average time is 7 to 15 minutes boiling.
  7. Remove from the heat.
  8. Add essential oil or fragrance oil, 10 drops for a mild scent. It smells delicate without any oil, this is optional.
  9. Put oven mittens on and poor liquid into silicon molds. This filled 4.
  10. Optional to add dried flowers, herbs, roses. I used dried flowers and herbs from Angel baby bath blossoms ®
  11. Slip the cookie sheet under the silicon mold and place in refrigerator.
  12. Allow to fully harden 1 hour. Press from molds and place in decorative container.

**notes. In the video and original recipe, I added a tablespoon of honey. That was too much. I adjusted it down to 1 teaspoon and increased the amount of cocoa butter.

DIY gift for mom. I made them for mother’s day gifts. *****Adding Resource list with links soon)

Wren House Lilacs and Wisteria

I hung my new Hertz Pottery Wren House from Etsy. Love the tri-colors. Welcome Wrens.
I hung my new Hertz Pottery Wren House from Etsy. Love the tri-colors. Welcome Wrens.

The Yard – Barefoot in the Garden: 

Welcome wrens, your new home awaits. This is an Etsy find I adore.  Erik with Hertz Pottery designs the perfect place for the tiny birds with loud vocal cords!


lilacs in glass vase
lilacs in glass vase


Lilacs from my mom’s house. The fragrance is astonishing.

Sweet, short delights in spring.




The neighbors wisteria. WOW! so impressive. I have seeds, they bolted out of their little pods. The first time was a startling sound and experience.

Women’s Health Care Laws – Important Changes Needed NOW

Male politicians with zero medical education, little to zero knowledge of woman’s health, highly religions beliefs and personal views are pushing dangerous guidelines against woman’s heath. This is an ongoing health crisis that endangers women, unborn children and their daughters.

“Would you like female politicians with zero medical education, little to zero knowledge of men’s health, with highly religious beliefs and personal views to create laws for men’s health?”

When religion and personal, limited views override medical knowledge, it is creating life and death situations on a woman’s life. Why is that acceptable?

6 Ways to Make Changes on Current Discriminatory Laws and Future Laws.

1. Doctor Support.  Prevent future laws from lacking the inclusion of medical review by doctors,  Are prescription drugs released without medical research studies? Why are medical procedures and treatments altered without regard to a doctor’s knowledge of women’s health? Why is access to health care restricted or removed? Doctor’s are not making these types of laws that endanger women.

2. Emily’s List. Join and support the coalition to increase the number of female politicians in office. Whether they are pro choice or pro life; at least a woman’s personal experience and knowledge will play a bigger role in decisions related to health and our laws.

3. Support causes that ensure non-discriminatory laws, choice and medical comprehension for health care and treatments. Learn about Women's Health Care Laws Learn about Women’s Health Care Laws

4. Federal Women’s Health Protection Act of 2015Reproductive rights protection. I would like to see it amended to include non discriminatory acts against women and allow doctor approved support required to create new laws in relation to women’s health care (and men’s, if needed).

5. Voting 19th Amendment Rights. Politicians that make these decisions for women are relaying on your choice to stay home, stay uninvolved and stay quiet; rather than voicing your choice by a vote. Women in history did not fight for our right to vote, so we could later take it for granted. They knew there would be days like these, laws like these, discrimination issues and rights violations to fight!

19th Amendement Women's Right To Vote
19th Amendment Women’s Right To Vote

6. Laws for men’s health and reproductive rights created and passed by women only.  “I think this would be the fastest route to comprehending discrimination, injustice and right to personal choice for personal health.”

In my lifetime, preferably 2015, I would like to see this injustice corrected. Laws relating to health should be created and supported by medical professionals, not politicians or religious views alone. These laws should never be established without medical facts. We need a huge change NOW!


First Donation to February 19 2015

I am excited to share the news of my first donation to Paws for Veterans organization. On behalf of myself and Etsy customer sales from SalesByTheYard and MyBabyShowerShop.

$25.00 on February 19, 2015. I am looking forward to donating more and continuing to support an important cause. Share your awareness and learn about

Love Lattice and Banners – Valentines Day 2015

I rushed my Valentine cards in the mail today. They are off to my loved ones. Hand crafting cards is such a heartfelt way to share a special moment with people and give them a paper keepsake.

Love lattice and banners for Valentine's Day cards. Stampin Up products
Love lattice and banners for Valentine’s Day cards. Stampin Up products 

Next project is to decorate my vintage widow pane for Valentines day. A wonderful, fresh home decor combo of florals, Stampin Up papers, stamps and embellishments. I will share that photo as soon as it is all complete. A adore the endless ways to decorate a window pane!

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